Seger Liberation Army

by Big Neck Records

  • Record/Vinyl

    FBI FILE 2270:
    The SEGER LIBERATION ARMY. What can we say? They were drunk...It seemed like a good idea at the time...Having grown weary of running against the wind, five desperate musicians hatched a plan to better their position in life by kidnapping one Robert "Bob" Seger, brainwashing him, and finally turning him to a life of crime. Of course their plan failed miserably, Seger proved too wily and the SLA too retarded. After failing to incite the police to do so, the SLA burned down their own headquarters, trapping themselves inside. After covering their hospital bills, the suspects pooled the remaining insurance money ($300), bought beer and went into the studio. These are the results...

    Thomas Potter from Bantam Rooster, Choke Chains, and The Dirtbombs, Jim Weber from The New Bomb Turks, Jim Diamond from The Dirtbombs, Fred Beldin from El Smasho and The Clutters, and finally Patrick Pantano from The Come Ons and The Dirtbombs. All doing early neglected covers of The Bob Seger System.

    With Bob Seger being forced to listen to the SLA CD by his guitar tech and giving it his blessing, the SLA after 2 singles and a CD wanted to place their whole catalog on LP, but they only had 8 songs! So back into the studio they went to record 6 more Seger burners and fill out their set list.

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released October 24, 2016


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