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  • Compact Disc (CD)

    BN012 The Mistreaters Grab Them Cakes
    BN014 The Lost Sounds Memphis is Dead
    BN019 The Blowtops Black Static
    BN025 Sweet JAP Virgin Vibe
    BN028 The 7-10 Splits Yard Sale
    BN034 Concubine Forming The Guilt Will Kill
    BN039 Baseball Furies Let It Be
    BN040 The Radio Beats Ready To Shake
    BN042 Baseball Furies American Psycho/Sounds of Mayhem
    BN043 The Trailer Park Tornados Mato Al Contacto
    BN044 The Blowtops Insected Mind
    BN045 Tractor Sex Fatality Black Magic, White Pussy
    BN050 Night Terrors Cobras
    BN052 Red Red Red Mind Destroyer
    BN054 Tunnel of Love Rockin' Rollin' Bitches
    BN056 The Blowtops P.S. This is a Zombie
    BN062 KK Rampage Without Feelings
    BN063 HOLLYWOOD Hits! An All Time Low
    BN065 Baseball Furies Throw Them To The Lions
    BN068 Seger Liberation Army Down Home
    BN070 Tractor Sex Fatality Blood Eagle
    BN074 Sworn Liars Vile Device
    BN077 The Electricutions Locked Gates/Lonely Roads
    BN079 Red Red Red New Action
    BN080 HOLLYWOOD Stunts
    BN086 Cheap Freaks Bury Them All
    BN089 HOLLYWOOD Love Child
    BN091 NVs A Perfect Vision
    BN096 Stop Worrying Noun
    BN098 T-Tops S/T
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released October 26, 2016


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